Friday, December 25, 2009

Rat-Snake Release

Rat-Snake Release (True Story)

Dear friends,

You may agree with me in saying that the rat snakes are the most feared snakes by people; reason being, these are are very fast, aggressive and grow very long and big in size. They are absolutely non-venomus but they do bite if you are on their way. They love plants and its impossible to catch them when they are on trees. Rat snakes can grow thicker and sometimes may grow up to 2-3 meters.

Rat snakes are normally green to brown in color with small head and large and beautiful eyes. They are really rat snakes because they feed upon live rats and rarely they also hunt small birds and eat their eggs.

It is one of the most easy snakes to handle and often seen with snake charmers. They don't drink milk as people think, unfortunately they are forced up on milk during some rituals and festivals, ut ultimately they regurgitate (vomit). They are the one of the fastest snakes in the world (probably for survival). They also kill poisonous snakes smaller in size (cobras). Remember we kill them in day time and kill other poisonous snakes in the night and we may probably end-up all species, very sad.

We got this gorgeous snake in a Bank building 12 Nov 2009 measuring 220 cm in length weighing about 3 kilograms. We left her in near by forest where movement of people is less. The release was very satisfying.

Pictures; My self saying bye bye to rat and my son Ashad releasing with care on 16 Nov 2009.
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Prof D S Bakhtiar Choudhary
Sports Medicine consultant
Hyderabad Spine Clinics, Hyd. India-82